I was born in Belfast,Northern Ireland in June 1948. On leaving school at the age
of  15 yrs  I joined the Royal  Navy and grew up fast.
I served through the last of the long commissions that the Royal Navy undertook,
namely two and a half years in the Far East. During my tour I specialised in small
arms and crewed landing craft up river at Sawrak, Indonesia during the Mau Mau
uprising. On leaving the Royal Navy I joined the Northumbria Police and retired in
2003 after serving for 31 years.    
Four stories in two books have been published by me recently. The first is entitled
"Billy Boy and the Golden Tree" along with "The Mystery of Darcey Cove" and the
second is called "The Miracle of the Golden Nugget Mine" along with "Pebble Brown".
Both are available to order from this website.
In the past month I have completed a novel entitled "Man of Destiny" and that will be
available soon by order.