What a fantastic story - who would have thought a story about a rat could be so beguiling - Gareth
What a wonderful and excellent book - thoroughly enjoying it - Alice
Join Tommy at his book signing at Whitley Bay library on the afternoon of Saturday 24th June.
Look forward to seeing you there.
We are delighted to tell you that there is now a re-print of The book "Billy Boy and the Golden Tree"
"This was my holiday reading, another fantastic work by my dear friend Tom Boyd. Tom can tell a great yarn, obviously
blessed with the Blarney Stone.These two books "The Miracle of the Golden Nugget Mine" & "Pebble Brown" follow the
adventures of Chancer the rat with the exceptional powers which were passed to him by the magical Billy Boy whom we
met in "Billy Boy and the Golden Tree." Tom draws from his youth in Belfast & sees Chancer off to visit a friend on the
West Coast of America. We are drawn into the tale very skilfully and you are held until you reach the end. An exciting
tale which extols the virtues of goodness & honesty. The traits of selflessness & caring for others. The triumph of right
over wrong. Tremendous ideals which are needed in the troubled times of today. In Pebble Brown a totally enchanting
tale of caring for others & succeeding in the face of adversity. These are both enjoyable to read & full of moral fibre,
right over wrong, good over evil & the fact that love conquers all. Both marvellous reads & a credit to this great man
whom I am proud to call a great friend. Well done Tom with much love Skippy xx"
What a great morning with Tommy reading from one of his stories - the kids loved it. It was
the best turn out for an event the library has experienced.
Comments from the book signing event:
..bought the book for the children but good also for adults - John
.....had a super time, thank you - Ali
....it was fantastic!!!Thank you for having us - Nina
...I really enjoyed it, I am so pleased for you - Ron
From Rowan, aged 8. Yesterday was awesome because I went to Tommy's book signing at
Whitley Bay Library. I got a book. It was The Miracle of the Gold Nugget Mine and Pebble
Brown. My sister got Billy Boy and the Golden Tree and The Mystery of Darcey Cove. I
loved the stories and it was very exciting as it was the first time I had been to a book signing.
I think Tommy is very brave doing that and I think he is kind and amazing.