The Mystery of Camden Lodge
Dusk was settling in and long dark shadows fell upon
the house and grounds. To make things worse dark
clouds were rolling in from the west and the sea was
dark and foreboding. Toby felt a strange sense of
depression closing in around him. He found it hard to
search the long grass as planned.
He had little trouble getting over the old gate and now
he kept looking around in a 360 degree observation.
Toby felt an almost uncontrollable urge to run but
again his pride was the cement holding him. He was
sure that someone was watching him and try as he
would he could not rid himself of this fear.
He was on the brink of giving the search a miss on this
occasion. Anyway he could come back tomorrow with
some of his friend when he clearly heard a swoft
voice in his ear and it said,
“Help me”
Toby spun around in a full circle but there was no-one
to be seen. Toby was shocked but ultimately
convinced himself that it was a trick of the wind and
should be dismissed
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The Haunted Stones of McGilvery Castle
On the way Zara could not help herself and asked Skitts
“What noises are people hearing?”
“It seems to vary from one to another” he said, “some hera
the pipes and others hear the clan chief calling the
highlanders into battle.”
There is little doubt that Lord McGilvery would choose to
remain at the hall but he will ultimately be forced to sell.
Yet as long as folfs believe the place to be haunted then a
sale is all but impossible.